Mentors for All Seasons

Everyone needs mentors: at any age - in any season - for any reason! Mentoring can take many forms such as: through an individual, seminars, books, online training, and practical experience. For now, I want to focus on Individual Mentors.

Mentoring helps an individual identify whom God created them to be and how to function in their gifts and placement in God’s kingdom.

Mentors care about a persons success fulfilling God’s plan for their life.

Mentors are sent by God to guide us through the various seasons of our life. We need different mentors for different seasons.

Jesus set the example as a mentor to people he knew could or would change the world.

The Apostle Paul was a mentor to Timothy and countless others who established churches and changed the world.


Jesus and Paul didn’t just teach others what to do, they connected personally with their life and coached them through transitions and into the gifts God had given them. They developed leaders to be highly effective in their sphere of influence.

Anyone called by Jesus Christ can be highly effective when they are mentored by the right people.

But not just anyone can be a highly effective personal mentor.

The best mentors are:

Anointed by God with wisdom, insight, and knowledge
Accomplished at what God has led them to do - they actually complete their God-given assignments
Approved by others – they have a good reputation and are endorsed by other leaders

Pray and seek the Lord for the Mentor he has designed for this season of your life and align with that person to take you to the next level of your calling in God!