Accurate Alignment Comes First!


My prayer for you today is to understand the importance of an Accurate Alignment - before you try to make a Connection!

You are a vital piece in God’s Kingdom building plan. Your piece must rightly align with God’s ordained leader (or group) before you begin to make God’s ordained connectional alignment that He has for you.  

 I have seen too many people in the wrong ‘alignment’ wondering why things are Not working for them!   

When I was a young high-steel iron worker on several bridges, one of my jobs was lining up the holes in the two girders coming together to be bolted into one piece.  

Without the proper alignment of the holes in both pieces - the connection could not be made.

Alignment takes prayer, patience, discernment, and experience. To be properly aligned you must be properly connected to a mature leader who is committed to your success.

I learned my job as an iron worker from Master Builders with years of experience.

I worked 100s of feet high in the air, often dealing with strong winds and terrible weather to bring two pieces of extremely heavy metal together so we could make the proper alignment to connect them.

 We had to get it right for the bridge to be built – and to stand for generations.

I have often heard people who say they are connected to someone or some group, but they have no personal relationship with that leader or one who is actively helping them achieve their goals. It’s just a nice fellowship - so you become a ‘groupie’!

Your alignment must be Accurate and Real for Success!

God’s apostolic leaders are builders – many are MasterBuilders with decades of experience!

 If you are serious about achieving your God-given assignment – you need to attend the ICAL MasterBuilder Congress in October - where you might make connections at Lunch or Breakfast with those God has destined for you to align with! 

Learn more about MasterBuilders and how to register at ICAL Events - 2019 Congress! October 29-31 in Dallas, Texas!

See you there!

John P. Kelly