Consulting & Mentoring

John P. Kelly shares the “heart of a father” as he mentors and consults with Christian leaders and organizations who desire to fulfill their God-given dreams and destinies.

His calling by God to “Go wash the feet of the young men and women who would be the End Time Warriors of My Spirit” formed the next four decades of his life and ministry.

His is deeply committed to the success of others who sincerely desire to advance the Kingdom of God on earth. From decades of experience and knowledge, he helps individuals and groups, to identify the strategies, wisdom, direction, and best method of implementation for any situation.

Every individual and organization has distinctive needs. John Kelly understands the need to: listen carefully and patiently, ask the right questions, focus on the priorities, to give counsel after prayer and gathering the facts, to pray with each one and encourage each to seek God’s perfect will and His Spirit to accomplish what God is calling them to do, and be accountable through the process.

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The difference between mentoring and consulting:

1. Mentoring helps an individual identify who God created them to be and how to function in their gifts and placement in God’s kingdom.

2. Consulting helps ministries or groups to recognize God’s specific calling, how to function as a team, and how to effectively relate to their sphere of influence as a group.

4 Elements to look for when searching for a Mentor:

1. Anointed: Has God-imparted ability, wisdom and insight to train you

2. Accomplished: They have actually completed assignments they received from God

3. Approved: Others recommend and endorse the mentor

4. Aligned: Someone you connect with and admire


Apostle John Kelly has been an incredible influence and blessing in my life. I met him in 2004 at an ICA meeting in Dallas. I had been pastoring for over 20 years, moving in the apostolic and I connected with Apostle Kelly

Apostle Kelly affirmed me in who I was and what I was called to, he confirmed my thinking in so many ways helping me to move fully into God’s plan & purpose. He also encouraged me to start an apostolic coalition so, Destiny Churches & Ministries International was started in 2005 and now I serve over 100 ministers across the states helping them to fulfill God’s plan and purpose. 

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