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Testimonies and Endorsements

In 2015 Apostle Kelly came to my home in Alberta, Canada to deliver a message from the Lord. Without former knowledge, he came with an accurate description of my calling and offered to assist me in fulfilling my destiny to the nations. This unsolicited affirmation and support brought strength and encouragement and has literally changed my life.

Thank you Apostle Kelly for your sensitivity and obedience to the Lord.

Gary Carter, Life Church, Alberta, Canada

“Apostle Kelly has been such an encouragement in our lives.

When we first met, Janice and I were pastoring a small church we planted several years prior. It was through his teachings and leadership that we found our true calling in the marketplace. After 15 successful years of pastoring Salt of the Earth Worship Centre we have transitioned into marketplace ministry bridging the gap between the business world and the church.

We Love and appreciate Apostle Kelly for preaching and teaching unfamiliar biblical principles and thus helping bring alignment into our ministry, businesses, and lives. “

Tom Simmons, Salt of the Earth Ministries, Terre Haute,

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“I have known Apostle John Kelly for years and count him as a close co-laboring minister in the Kingdom of God.  John is a man of vision and purpose dedicated to building Christ’s Church and fulfilling the prayer Jesus taught us to pray for His Kingdom to come and God’s will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. “

Bill Hamon, Apostolic Overseer of Christian International Apostolic Network, Florida

John Kelly is a man’s man - a leader of leaders, bold, courageous, and fearless.   He is ready to take on any (impossible) assignment that he feels God would have him accept. 

 He balances his bold character with compassion for the defenceless, empathy for the suffering, and care for the weak.  I am privileged to know John Kelly, and truly respect and admire him. 

 Dr. Phil Nordin


I won a $1 million from your training!

Glenn Thomas, CEO of ASi LLC, an advanced metal manufacturing company. Shares his testimony from John P. Kelly’s LeadSpeak Training Seminar:

Our company won the Grand Prize in the 43 North Business Plan competition held in 2014 in Buffalo, New York! This competition drew almost 7,000 entrants from all 50 US states and over 90 foreign countries.

It required me to present our business plan repeatedly in successive rounds. I presented before judges comprised of extremely high achievers such as CEO’s of multi-billion dollar corporations, Managing Directors of VC funds who founded Twitter, Flicker, and a leading web news site, the CEO of a world-renowned cancer institute, and a multi-billionaire and owner of both NFL and NHL teams.

The training I received from John Kelly at LEADSPEAK was INVALUABLE.

LEADSPEAK is comprehensive, high powered training, covering topics from content preparation, opening and closing, pitch techniques, how to use humor, how to engage your audience (judges in my case) and much more.

You might not win first place and a million dollars by attending LEADSPEAK, but then again, you just might.

I did!!!

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Ap John Kelly is truly a father to me.

He activates my apostolic confidence in my ministry.

Vee Sitoh, Asia Apostolic Alliance, Region: Asia/ Canada

“Apostle John Kelly has been an incredible influence and blessing in my life.

Apostle Kelly affirmed me in who I was and what I was called to, he confirmed my thinking in so many ways helping me to move fully into God’s plan & purpose. He also encouraged me to start an apostolic coalition so, Destiny Churches & Ministries International was started in 2005 and now I serve over 100 ministers across the states helping them to fulfill God’s plan and purpose. ”

John Burpee, Texas

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Apostle Kelly has been an apostolic father to me for years.  He mentored me through the early season of my transition into the apostolic, skillfully balancing love and patience with strong guidance, and has been a support ever since.

 The more I have known him the more I have admired him as a man of strength yet gentleness, a general as well as a father, a lion with the heart of a lamb, a Kingdom-chieftain possessing seasoned wisdom yet the spiritual abandon of David.  Praise God for John Patrick Kelly!

 ~(Fr.) Dimitri Sala, OFM , Illinois

Speaking to Christian marketplace leaders in Bolivia with Apostle Carlos Magno

Speaking to Christian marketplace leaders in Bolivia with Apostle Carlos Magno

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Discussion with apostolic leaders in Managua, Nicaragua

Discussion with apostolic leaders in Managua, Nicaragua

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Giving an exhortation to a spiritual Apostle Rene Terra Nova in Brazil

Giving an exhortation to a spiritual Apostle Rene Terra Nova in Brazil