Aligning & Advancing Apostolic Leaders

For over 30 years, Apostle John P. Kelly has traveled throughout the United States and the world building, connecting, and strengthening Apostolic Leaders. As the Apostolic Movement began to appear, God chose John Kelly to train apostolic leaders and form apostolic networks of churches and ministries.

In 1999, God called him to develop the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA) as a focal point to gather apostolic leaders together. Now known as ICAL (International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders), it has become the largest known society of apostolic leaders in the world.

Apostle Kelly travels the world working with Apostolic Leaders to establish, align, and strengthen their ministerial networks.

Bolivian Apostolic Coalition Meeting

Bolivian Apostolic Coalition Meeting

Mexican Apostolic Coalition led by Carlos Gordillo

Mexican Apostolic Coalition led by Carlos Gordillo

Building Apostolic Networks

During the past thirty years, John Kelly has met thousands of leaders who have devoted their lives to the Kingdom of God with little or no training for ‘how to’ accomplish their mandate. Too many have become ‘weary in well doing’ and frustrated by the lack of practical training and fellowship with other like-minded leaders. John Kelly knew exactly how they felt.

After years of trial and error, endless hours of prayer, research, discussions with leaders throughout the world, he found the keys to help leaders avoid the many pitfalls, misconceptions, and discouragement on the way to success. Establishing his own large network of churches and ministries taught Apostle Kelly the strategies, wisdom, and knowledge needed to help others achieve their God-given mandate.

Kelly travels the nations helping leaders gather those who are called to apostolic leadership, whether in the ministry or business spheres. God is uniting them with one heart, one purpose - to build his Kingdom on earth together in one accord.

His seminar, Net Menders and Tenders: Building Strong Apostolic Networks is one of his MasterBuilder Training Institutes.

Net Menders and Tenders.jpg
  • Net Menders and Tenders covers:

  • The Work of the Apostolic Anointing

  • Structural and Governmental Alignment

  • Fellowship, Followship, and a Tribe

  • The Benefits of being involved with an Apostolic Network

  • Apostolic Administration

  • Funding Apostolic Networks - and more.

Net Menders & Tenders: Building Strong Apostolic Networks MP3 Training can be purchased at the store - Coming Soon!

Cuban Coalition Conference


acal banner summit.jpg

Apostle Kelly was the guest speaker for the Australian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders in March 2019. He also spoke at ACAL Seminars in three other cities throughout the nation to reach as many leaders as possible.


Ordination of 500 apostolic leaders for the network of Apostle Rene Terra Nova



Leaders conference with members of the Peruvian Apostolic Coalition led by Pedro Hornung